Definition of Educational Technology Infographic

Creating an infographic was a new experience for me - and a trip back to the days of non-linear desktop publishing.  But, operating on a Chromebook and designing media intentionally created for Internet consumption prevented me from using the Microsoft Publisher trusty steed.  So, I needed set out to find a web-based tool that would help me create a web-based piece of media.  Starting with a simple Google search of "Infographic", I discovered a tool named Venngage.  The registration process was simple and I my initial impression of the user interface was VERY positive.  However, concurrent to my Google search, I reached out to a fellow Google Certified Innovator to ask her about the tool(s) she used to create the infographic that was a key component of her Innovator Project.  In keeping with the spirit of the certification, she used a combination of Canva and Google Drawings, but mentioned there is a more efficient approach that one could take.  Like others in Boise State's EDTECH 501, she suggested Piktochart.

In the end, I opted to use Piktochart with two embedded Canva images to create my infographic.  This choice resonated with the "imporved performance"portion of the functional definition of educational technology.  I wasn't focused on learning (or teaching) a technology tool.  Rather, I was empowered by the tool to create something that I couldn't previously create on my own.  Piktochart - like many other educational technology tools - allow for creative expression of one's ideas.  Moreover, my deep engagement with the tool itself allowed me to connect with the REAL important part of this project - unpacking the definition of educational technology.

I hope you enjoy my visual represation!