For the past 10 days, I have been involved in deep research of the information technology and educational technology practices of my employer.  Coincidentally, this has corresponded with the culmination of a four-month technology strategic planning process, led by an independent consultant.  To that end, I had a wealth of data (surveys, interviews, etc.) that I used to make my own evaluations.

Between the School Technology Evaluation for Boise State University's EDTECH 501 course and the independent strategic planning process, I learned a HUGE lesson.  This lesson was not in technology, but it was one of empathy.  Different stakeholders have different needs and different perspectives.  In the past, I may have assumed that administrators of technology in my organization may have had preconceived intentions.  However, the research involved in this project unearthed a key truth - we are all operating for the best interests of students!  At the moment I realized this, I realized this project was more about learning empathy.

Review my survey and analysis for more information - it tells a profound story!

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