With student and teachers, I have used Prezi for a variety of face to face projects.  The motion effects of Prezi x 30 students causes a bit of motion sickness in me.  With that said, I have not required students to voice-over the presentation and found this to be a FASCINATING way to frame an assignment or project.  Using "Voice Recorder" for Android, I recorded my portion of the presentation in MP3 format and easily added it to the applicable slides.  In the future, I really want to use the voice-over format ... and will find a way to deal with the motion sickness!

Having done some previous work with digital inequality in computer science, I was anxious to take a deeper dive into California policy that is addressing (or seeks to address) some of the issues.  With that said, I spent a significant portion of my time researching federal and state student privacy laws.  I also really enjoyed learning from the diverse perspectives of my group mates.

This digital artifact will be a quality reference for future district and county-level conversations about equity.

With additional time, I would have liked to have expanded on the introduction and provided a more comprehensive conclusion.