My RSS in Education blog post was enjoyable to write - itself was a reflection of how I used a technology in my own classroom from 2008 to 2014.  Now that I work in administration, I am now thinking about how RSS may allow me to better support the teachers with whom I work.  Would a curated feed of content shared with teachers be beneficial and appropriate?  Are there different ways in which RSS content may accelerate my own work?  It will be interesting to continue to reflect.

It is worth noting that I spent a TREMENDOUS amount of time researching different RSS workflows for this blog post.  For the most part, I was validated in the way in which I managed RSS in my own classroom; however, I really enjoyed reading about ways in which curated content can be disseminated to large, authentic audiences.  It was through these searches that I discovered Buffer, a tool that allows one to schedule his or her own Twitter posts.  This will allow me to post shared content MULTIPLE TIMES, so students and teachers can see the content on their own terms.

The "Sailing Ship" analogy to which I referred in my original post may apply to many different technologies and their place in the classroom.  Thinking about whether or not a tool still enables and enhances student learning is such an important reflective practice.