For my first research-based assignment in the Boise State Masters of Educational Technology (MET) Program, I chose to develop an annotated bibliography on an emerging trend in educational technology: the maker movement.  To view the document, click "Source" at the bottom of this post.  After completing some research, I was able to more narrowly define my topic to the effect of learning spaces in STEM education.

First, the depth of resources and ease of use of the Boise State Library was a significant aid in completing the assignment.  I was able to peruse approximately 20 pertinent, peer-reviewed articles and selected the five that were most cohesive.  American Psychological Association (APA) is the style of choice for the MET Program.  Given the wealth of resources (like Purdue's OWL) and tools (like Zotero), correctly formatting a document that identifies the five selected resources is a simple process.

One final thought that I discovered through this process is that there is a HUGE opportunity to conduct research about how the maker education impacts student learning.  All five selected resources are written in a way that they support future research.  It will be very interesting to revisit this topic over time!