Last week, President Trump pledged $200 million annually to support Computer Science education.  That pledge was matched by a group of companies, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, increasing the total available funding to $500 million.  While this is exciting, I worry that it will buy curriculum and gadgets for classes already teaching CS.  Given the demand for CS education and the dearth of qualified teachers, my hope is that this funding is used to identify, train and support new CS teachers.  In order to realize "equity" in CS, we need more teachers to be able to teach all students.

In Sacramento, the County Office of Education is working with local districts to introduce 24 new high school CS pathways in the next 24 months.  This is a step in the right direction, but is still not a realization of CSforAll.  To that end, awareness campaigns like's Hour of Code need to be coupled with a network of support.  Hopefully, President Trump's funding will support new CS teacher growth.